Students have received information concerning their testing locations and times from their individual teachers.

All seniors must have all of their tests completed by June 3rd. Those students who have conflicts within their testing schedule have been called down and have been given precise instructions.

Spring 2015 Testing Schedule: The testing window begins on Friday, May 28th, and lasts until Thursday, June 11th. The testing schedule is as follows:
May 28th - Senior CTE Exams
May 29th - Eng. 2, 3, and 4 exams (Morning)
Senior CTE Exams cont. at 11:15
June 1st - All History Exams (Morning)
3rd block CTE exams begin at 11:15
June 2nd - Senior testing (Morning)
4th block CTE exams begin at 11:15
June 3rd - Last day of Senior testing (Morning)
2nd block CTE exams begin at 11:15
June 4th - Makeup day for testing (Morning)
1st Block CTE exams begin at 11:15
June 5th - Remaining 4th Block EOC/NCFE exams (Morning)
June 8th - Remaining 3rd Block EOC/NCFE exams (Morning)
June 9th - Remaining 2nd Block EOC/NCFE exams (Morning)
June 10th - Remaining 1st Block EOC/NCFE exams (Morning)
June 11th - Makeup Exams

If your student has a morning exam 6/1 - 6/10 and would like to check out early, or if they have an afternoon exam and would like to check in late, the check-in/out window is 10:40-12:15 each day. Afternoon exams will be starting at 11:15, so please have your students check in before 11. To check in or out, students must have a parent note. This note must include the student’s name, grade, power school number and the parent’s phone number. There will be no exceptions.