Before Registration:
  • Students and parents should review the Course Guide and discuss courses for next year. The first section of the Course Guide should answer many questions you may have about next year. Graduation requirements for each class are printed on pages 4-6. Promotion requirements are printed on page 2.

  • Select 8 courses that you want to take as your first choice and mark with an X on the Registration Sheet. Select 3 alternate courses that you would be willing to take if your first choices are unavailable. Mark these with A1, A2 and A3. Due to budget constraints it is very likely that you will take one or more of your alternate classes.

  • If you wish to take a course that has a star on the Registration Sheet, you must get permission from the teacher BEFORE you will be registered for the course. See the next page for more information. This must also be done if the course is one of your alternates.
  • Rising Seniors – If you want to register for Flex or be a mid-year graduate, your parent must complete the attached permission form. Mid-year graduates should only select 4 courses and 3 alternates on their Registration Sheet.

During Registration:
  • Students will be called to the downstairs media center in small groups prior to May 1.
  • Students must bring their completed Registration Sheet, any permission forms and their Course Guide to their registration appointment. Students should bring this information with them to school every day until they have registered.
  • Students will meet individually with a counselor and will complete a new Registration Sheet based on the one they bring with them. Students will be given a copy of their transcript which will be evaluated by a counselor to make sure that you are on track for graduation. Parents should also review these transcripts and keep this copy at home.

After Registration:
  • Counselors and administrators will work through the summer to schedule all students. Your child’s schedule should be available at Triton’s open house night in August.

NOTE: Changes to the Harnett County Schools 2015-2016 budget may affect the number and variety of courses offered next year. As always, we will do all we can to ensure that your child receives a quality education at Triton High School, but please understand that decisions made at the federal, state and county levels will directly impact the courses offered next year. These difficulties also make it nearly impossible to change student schedules once they are set. We ask that you carefully consider the first choice and alternate courses your child selects. The choices made now should be considered final. Schedule changes will only be made if there is a mistake or a required course is not scheduled.