Attention Parents and Stakeholders:

The State of North Carolina Transportation Department has put into place new "Crossing Procedures for North Carolina School Bus Drivers". This set of procedures became effective January, 2016.

It is imperative that we instruct / educate our faculty, staff, parents and students to the importance of these procedures. It is the intent / hope that these procedures will help save lives from being taken by improper loading / unloading bus procedures (as well as, distracted automobile drivers).

On Monday, February 1, 2016, students will be reporting to homeroom. As a school, (during homeroom), we will present information to the students that will instruct / educate them on these new standards and why they are important to follow.
In homeroom on Monday, students will receive a flyer with information about the new loading and unloading bus procedures. They will also watch a short video, outlining these instructions. This information is also attached here.
Bus Safety Procedure Video

Please explain to your students that if they are not properly following these new procedures, bus drivers will write them a bus discipline referral (which goes to their school administrator - in charge of buses - Mr. Mclean)