Registration Procedures for 2010-2011

This handout is to provide information to students and parents regarding Harnett County graduation requirements and the promotion policy for grades 9-12. Each student should register for courses providing the highest academic challenge to their abilities. Students are asked to be very serious about course selection. Schedules will not be changed at the beginning of the school year unless the school has made an error, or standardized test scores indicate the wrong placement of a student. No schedule changes are made due to teacher preference. Each student should discuss their course selections with their parents. The registration sheet will be completed with students by the counselors and will not be sent home. If parents or students have any questions, feel free to contact one of Triton's counselors.

Please follow the procedure listed below for registration:

  1. You will register alphabetically by grade level in the downstairs library. Triton's counselors will register each student individually.
  2. You should know what you wish to take next year when you come to register. The counselors are not there to tell you what to take, but to answer questions and to make certain you enroll in all courses required for graduation.
  3. If the registration sheet states you must have a "Teacher Approved Application" for the course you wish to take, you must secure this application before registration and bring a note from the teacher when you register for one of these courses. These courses are marked with an (*) on the registration form.
  4. Register for your classes next year as if you plan to pass all courses this semester. If you failed a required course during first semester, you should register for that course again. Any required course failed during second semester will be rescheduled if you do not attend summer school.
  5. Be prepared to list 3 courses you would be willing to take as alternate courses.
  6. BEFORE registration, complete the sample registration sheet found in this handout. Bring all completed forms with you when you come to register.
  7. Please wait to discuss your transcript/credits with your counselor when you come to register.

Registration Sheets:

*Please use the sheet for the grade you will be enrolled in during the 2010-11 school year.

Course descriptions and other information:

Online courses from CCCC, UNC-G and NCVPS

Schedule Changes

Much attention is given to careful course selection and creating a master schedule which allows the greatest number of students the best schedule possible. Therefore, following the completion of registration, course changes will be limited. A drop/add period will be scheduled during the summer before school begins. The dates of drop/add will be included with the student course selections and available at open house August 19. Any student wishing to make a revision in his/her course selection must do so within the summer drop/add period. Any request for a summer course change will be considered in the following cases:
1. If a student did not receive an elective in their Course of Study/Pathway.
2. If a student received a course for which he/she did not register. (When a
student selects an alternate, the student has registered for that course.)
3. If a student failed a course required for graduation and is not rescheduled for
that course.
4. If a student failed a course, registered for the course again, and was assigned to
the same instructor, then this will be changed when possible.

All schedules are considered final on the first day of school.
Students who enroll for a honors or advanced placement course have made a commitment. They will not be able to drop an honors section and transfer to a regular section of the same course. Because honors sections will require additional work, the decision to enroll in them should be made with care. Regular sections of courses for which there are honors options are geared to meet college preparation requirements. AP courses may not be dropped after the deadline.

Promotion Requirements

*minimum to graduate - 28 credits
*must have 20 credits to be a senior (12th grade)
*must have 12 credits to be a junior (11th grade)
*must have 6 credits to be a sophomore (10th grade)
Grade levels for students will be determined only in the fall of each year. Students are not allowed to change homeroom grade levels at the end of first semester, even if the number of credits they have received after first semester could allow them to go up one grade level. Students may only receive the privileges allowed for the specific grade level they are in for a given year. Students are expected to pass 3 or 4 math courses (depending on your chosen Course of Study), 3 sciences, and 3 social studies in sequence prior to taking elective courses. Students placed in senior homerooms must have passed the minimum allowable credits to be considered a senior and be in the position to graduate. The Harnett County Board of Education approved a senior acceleration opportunity which allows seniors who have completed all graduation requirements by the end of 1st semester to graduate early. Seniors who have earned enough credits will also be able to choose a flex period during second semester; this enables the senior to take only 3 classes during 2nd semester.